Testicle Skewering – Needle Through Balls CBT Experiences

Testicle skewering is one of the most extreme BDSM fetishes you won’t find much to read about on the internet. Sure there’s plenty of cock and ball torture stuff you can find, but when it comes to needles it gets tough. There’s simply not too many people who engage in this very special sub-niche of needle play because it’s one of the most risky and dangerous things you could do to your genitals. Yet there are some, who still do it – and I’m one of them. My goal is not to persuade you of trying it, but to inform you.

As other extremely kinky persons involved in needle play CBT I guess I’m not the only one who surfed the web extensively to find answers on how to do testicle skewering in a way that tries to minimize most of the risks involved in it rather than just ignoring them.

It is by some considered as RACK (risk-aware consensual kink) because it is one of those things where you absolutely have to be aware of the risks. I know sometimes it’s hard to think straight when your cock is pumping and the adrenaline is flowing inside your body ready to make you do just anything to get that extra pleasure you’re thirsting for. But please, do yourself a favor and read through other people’s experiences first, before you even think about putting a needle near your balls.

Before we continue any further, here’s the obligatory warning:

Sticking needles in your balls is dangerous and life-threatening! I can’t stop you from doing it, but if you do it, you do it at your own risk!

To clear up some of the most obvious questions here’s a bit of information I have collected over the last few years of testicle skewering:

Does it bleed after pulling out the needles?

It depends on how large the needles you use are. With needles of smaller diameter, at most a few drops of blood will come out, with larger needles the possibility of bleeding is much higher and it’s also possible that spermatic fluid spurts out of the testicles while the needle is in.

What are the after effects?

It is likely that for a few days after your needle session you will feel a dull feeling of pressure, as if someone is squeezing your testicle. After about one week, this should disappear. It is best not to torture your balls any further during that healing phase, so better don’t do any ball busting right after.

Can you permanently pierce testicles?

As awesome as this idea may sound – No, that is not possible. The wound or opening in your sack skin would cause bacteria to settle and you would get a dangerous infection up to blood poisoning.

What gauge to use for testicle skewering?

I recommend to start with thin acupuncture needles, preferably with 0.3 or 0.4 mm (27G – that’s the needle measurement in gauge) diameter. These needles cause the least possible damage and are absolutely tolerable in terms of pain level. You can still use thicker needles later, when you have become accustomed to them.

How much does it hurt to pierce balls with needles?

With thin needles < 0.5 mm diameter it doesn’t really hurt more than having blood drawn from your arm by a doctor. It’s not as painful as you would expect, which is surprising to many. Thicker needles though can hurt like a motherfucker.

My first needle through balls experience

I’m sure you’re quite curious how it all feels exactly. To make it a bit easier for you, here’s my story about the first time I did testicle skewering.

The urge caught up with me

To actually push a needle into my testicles was part of my fantasy for a long time and I have also read forum topics about it from time to time and followed the reports I have found with great interest. In the beginning I only experimented with needles through the glans, but eventually the urge to try it on the balls became too strong. So I got some 0.4x40mm acupuncture needles from Amazon, took a deep breath and off I go…

I tied my cock and balls with shoelaces so that nothing could slip and got myself in the mood by gently stroking my cock and doing some edging. The more I thought about how hot it would feel and what extremely perverted things I would do to my balls the more my heartbeat accelerated. “Wow, fuck, I’m really going to do this now?” kept going through my head. Well then, I disinfected the scrotum, unpacked the needle with my hands shaking, took a few breaths and put the tip of the needle on the edge of my ball sack.

It’s less painful than ball busting

As I mentioned earlier, the pain is actually much more bearable than you might imagine. Ball busting, i.e. hitting or squeezing the testicles is much more painful! Most of what you feel is right at the beginning, when the needle pierces the scrotum. A comparatively sharp pain, but not too bad in any other way.

Penetrating my testicle with a needle

Well, we had overcome the first hurdle, so now let’s continue. I gave the needle a bit more pressure and felt a feeling that is quite difficult to put into words and without needles I guess you can’t compare it to anything else. I felt the pressure, as my testicle told me that something was trying to penetrate it. My heart was racing… my thought at that moment was “Fuck, now it’s time! I gave the needle another little push and it finally penetrated through the protective outer shell into my testicle. What an intense and kinky sensation – “I must be a maniac to be doing that”, I thought.

The uncertainty if suddenly an unbearable pain comes in combination with the mind fuck to do something so extreme on my balls was definitely an intense experience – pure adrenaline!

A dull squeezing feeling inside my testicle

After the needle had now penetrated a small part of the testicle, I wondered how far I would dare to go. The feeling of an object penetrating the outer shell was replaced by a rather dull squeezing feeling. Hard to describe, but perhaps most comparable to squeezing the testicle with thumb and index finger. I pushed the needle in a little further, stimulated my cock, which was rock hard (increased by the extreme horniness during the action) and pushed it a little further again. About halfway through the testicle I had arrived when I could no longer hold myself back and shot a huge load of cum…

The funny thing is, whenever you do something crazy like that and have an orgasm you might immediately go back to normal mode like “What the fuck did I do just now? Am I a psycho?” But after a few weeks the urge comes back…

Testicle Skewering / Needle Through Balls Experiences

Over the years, I found some forums where people discussed testicle skewering and wrote about their experiences. Here’s some of the most interesting ones I have found:

Perfect when being bound

It’s fucking awesome to be tied up defenseless and then have your testicles tortured (weights on them, tied tightly, punches on them, etc.). To additionally get needles through the testicles would be like heaven on earth for the inclined slave.

Never had any issues – doing needle play on my balls for 2 years now

I’ve been doing it for two years now – all without any harm, because I always make sure to handle it sterilely. It’s also a great feeling when I fill my balls with glycose and my testicles get really full. This is also a wonderful way to fuck.

I have also had many great CBT sessions where my testicles were heavily skewered. Preferably crosswise with long needles. As I said, I have been doing this for two years without any problems. The most important thing is to always pay attention to hygiene, disinfect the testicles and scrotum and without exception always use new needles (Never use a needle more than once!). 

No strong bleeding after removing the needles

I can only confirm the experiences of all the others. When removing the needles, there is a little bit of blood, at most a few drops, so nothing bad. It is different when you put needles into your glans. That can be quite a messy job. There are no visible traces on the testicles afterwards. I only leave the needles in for as long as a session lasts, so about 20 minutes at most.

Regarding the pain: The tying of the testicles hurts more. This says everything about the intensity of the pain. I also pierce the needles quite slowly, so not abruptly. In the end, all that remains is a dull feeling of pressure in the testicles, but that disappears after a few days.

The question about the appeal of that experience? Well, why do people have themselves pierced? It seems that people like me have the ability to experience the exceeding of limits of this kind as a pleasure. Those who can’t do that will never be able to understand or experience it for themselves.

Make sure to keep things sterile

I always wonder how uptight many people are and condemn others for what perverse fetishes they have. As long as you use sterile needles and thoroughly disinfect the skin beforehand, the risk is minimal.

It feels like someone kicks you in the balls

I feel at most pain when needling the testicles, which I would describe as dull. About the kind of pain you have when someone kicks you in the balls. There are some things you just can’t get your head around without having tried them yourself. You may or may not enjoy them.

I’ve been piercing my balls for a long time

I have been piercing needles into and through my testicles for a long time. It’s even more awesome when I combine it with E-Stim. I jerk my cock during it and after I came, I lick my cum all up. The orgasms thereby experienced are indescribably intense. Would also like to do this together with a second or third cock.

My girlfriend pierced my balls

I recently dared to do it for the first time. My girlfriend had stuck a needle into my testicle several times before, but this time we wanted to know what was possible. I was allowed to start and stuck a needle through both nuts straight through.

Then she was allowed to do it and pierced the second one. We were so excited that we forgot to plug in the E-Stim device and set my testicles under current. In any case it was a very cool thing! A bit painful, but still a super horny feeling. Next we will try injection of saline directly into the testicles. In the scrotum I have done this before, but now we are eager to test my limits.

Don’t put needles through the epididymis

With needles of smaller diameter it doesn’t really hurt. It only becomes dangerous when, for example, you puncture the epididymis or do not pay attention to sterile work. We do not do this without appropriate preparation and with care – we still need my balls.

We have been doing this for many years now and I have also become a father. I see a urologist once a year to have myself checked. So far, no impairment of fertility or any damage has been found. Many different needles have been pierced through my testicles in the past. I am still shooting cum as I used to and my erections are hard as ever.

Not as bad as I feared

I have finally dared to stick a needle into my testicles and I must say that it is not as bad as I feared. With a saline injection you feel way more, I find.

Ball needling is fun for both of us

We do the needling of the testicles on a regular basis, but also not too often. About 2 times a month I please him with a lengthy needle session. We have been doing this for several years now and so far everything has gone well. Certainly this is not good for his testicles in the long run, but our family planning is already done and we have a lot of fun at every session.

I am still taking the pill, too, because he is still fertile. Once a year he goes to the doctor to see if everything still works. Of course it is a risk every time, you definitely have to be aware of that. And sterile work should also be a matter of course.

I found pleasure in doing CBT

We could never imagine doing such extreme things before. Especially not me, when I thought about doing damage to my husband’s body. But then, step by step, I approached CBT and found pleasure in it. As far as I can tell, it is far less bad than one might imagine.

I have also injected saline into his testicles, but only once so far. Not much is possible (about 2-3 ml), we prefer to do scrotum fillings. I manage to inject up to 2 liters into his scrotum. But we also do testicular needles from time to time, although not too often, so that we don’t damage anything.

We use a maximum of 2 needles per testicle

My urologist is understandably not enthusiastic about our sessions, but he is very open and interested in the matter.

Of course he is concerned, as we are, that it could have bad consequences for the testicles, but so far nothing has been seen during the examinations which surprises not only him. In any case you should not needle them too often and we do not use more than two needles per testicle in any case.

I skewered my balls with acupuncture needles

For a long time I have been tempted to needle my balls. Now I have tried it myself. Before that I took a nice hot bath and shaved my nuts, so that they were clean and soft-boiled for the horny session which was about to come.

In the beginning I only poked them slightly and then at some point I got the needle all the way through the soft flesh of my balls. I can only say that it is truly awesome and you don’t really feel any pain. It’s a fantastic and unique feeling when the needle is finally in. I used thin acupuncture needles, you hardly notice them when they go in.

4 years of needle play experience

For about 4 years I have been inserting needles directly into my testicles, but not every day. Maybe every three months so that they have enough time to heal again. I have been piercing through the skin itself for decades.

Piercing the tunica vaginalis hurts a little bit

Thanks to the piercings, which I already had on my cock, I at least knew how it felt when a needle pierced through there. You can feel mainly the needle going in and out, because most of the nerve endings are just under the skin. Further inside you feel rather little or almost nothing. I imagined it to be similar when piercing the testicles and finally I tried it. I must say, it’s quite comparable. The moment you pierce through the tunica vaginalis, which is the outer protective cover of the testicle, you feel a strong pressure and a little bit of pain, but in between there is only a dull feeling of something moving around inside. But anyway, I loved that sensations very much, and I think it also looks very cool when the balls are pierced with needles.

Enjoying the adrenaline rush

I only use acupuncture needles. In the beginning I only pricked them slightly to find out what it feels like. Then I gradually went further and further. At some point I got so horny that I pierced through my testicles completely. That was about 3 years ago. Now I do it regularly and enjoy the adrenaline rush every time again. Sometimes I also do it with two needles, but as I said, only with acupuncture needles. And it is damn hot! I think the feeling is probably the same as with hollow needles that cut through the tissue instead of pushing it away. In any case, I can imagine that hollow needles remove or destroy more tissue than acupuncture needles (depending on the size, of course). Always disinfect the skin beforehand, of course.

9 ml saline injection to my balls

I do needles in my balls regularly and it’s so hot! I started with 0.6 mm needles and the thickest so far was 1.6 mm. Though still being a bit afraid of 2.0 mm needles, I do this about 2 times a month and have not noticed any problems so far.

I have also injected saline into my testicles several times. In the beginning I injected 4 to 5 ml, but this can be increased by waiting a bit and then injecting again. Meanwhile I manage to get in about 9 ml at the first injection.

Having needles in your balls is a huge mind game

I’ve been doing it for about two years and I use acupuncture needles for it. I had been tempted by the idea for quite some time, until I simply tried it out. You hardly feel the needle when you push it through. The hottest thing is the whole thought of having a needle in your ball. It’s a huge mind game. Simply indescribable.

Skewering testicles causes a dull & lustful pressure

After I have been playing with the idea for quite some time and informed myself extensively, yesterday the first needle found its way into my testicles. But I have to say that I am not one of those experienced SM experts for whom pain is more related to lust.

In general, I am not one of those people who are into pain. Therefore I have searched extensively for reports of experiences, which are especially dedicated to the needles in the testicles. So not how the process itself works (there are really enough of those), but what you have to expect mentally. However, this was not really informative. Except the contributions of other people in various forums. Especially helpful were some medical drawings, from which you could see exactly the individual layers / structure of the scrotum and testicles. 

Unfortunately, I personally do not know of a suitable counterpart in terms of pain. After the small sharp sting through the skin follows a rather dull pressure which slowly builds up. This is similar to the pressure on the testicle with the finger. When the needle penetrates the muscle tissue, there is another stab, which is replaced by a persistently dull but lustful strong pressure feeling. This is the moment when the needle overcomes the resistance and penetrates the testicle itself. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would assign this pain a maximum of 4 or 5, because it is not really unpleasant or sharp. This pressure can be withstood well and it is probably also the reason why we stick needles into our balls for sexual pleasure.

But I must point out again that I have experimented with really thin acupuncture needles (0.25 x 40 mm). With real needles this could be quite different, because they have a small blade at the tip that cuts through the tissue layers in contrast to acupuncture needles. The larger the cannula, the larger the affected area for the resulting cut. Personally, I remain “light” with my needles for the time being.

A slight, but by no means unpleasant pressure can be felt for 3-4 days, but then disappears again. Absolutely sterile work / disinfection and careful procedure should be a matter of course. You should also not puncture the spermatic cords or the epididymis and make sure that the testicles cannot move during the procedure (e.g. cock & ball bondage).

Piercing cock hurts more than piercing balls

I also tried it a few weeks ago. First needles through the skin on the underside of my cock (looks only hot nothing), then needles through the sack skin and finally I was so horny that I stuck a needle deep into my left ball. It was an arousing, very horny feeling – no pain, just a noticeable pressure. The sight was incredible.

Then I wanted to continue on the right testicle, but it hurt a little bit more. Therefore I did not push deep into it. I guess it feels different for everyone and there are certainly places that are more painful than others.

Because I was playing so nicely, I stuck another needle through the edge of the glans. This hurt a little more and bled a lot more. I finished the session by piercing both nipples with a needle.

My cock bloody, taboos broken, me being totally horny – but I could not cum either. Maybe it was too much at once. Afterwards I was a little shocked about myself. But now I’m thinking more and more about repeating the game – I’d even rather have a woman do it to myself.

You don’t really feel the needle inside the testicle

When you are through the last layer (tunica vaginalis) and move into the testicle itself, you feel practically nothing. Only again on the other side, in exactly the opposite order. It’s quite interesting, I guess it’s because testicles are more sensitive to pressure than they are to being punctured and cause there are no nerve endings inside them. Whereby for the first attempts I would first pierce the testicle, but would not pierce right through.

In the end, any discussion is pointless, because you can’t avoid the step of simply trying it out yourself. No matter how many testimonials you read, it will always be a personal experience that you find great or that can turn you off completely. It is and remains simply too subjective.

Combine needles in balls with e-stim

I was also always very afraid and tried again and again. The problem is that when you pierce it slowly, it feels weird or hurts a little bit, but it’s a rather weird feeling and I often stopped at that point.

It’s better to do it in combination with electrostimulation and then putting the needle in, then it’s a very nice feeling. You don’t notice anything in the testicles except for a little pressure. In any case it is a very exciting feeling.